My Heritage by Michelle

My heritaged lined self

Embraces the history of my line

for I see my founding fathers

For they are my teachers

For they hold my foundation

For my faith

sees my faith

from its roots

Up through the trunk

to the branches of trees

The leaves

The blossom

The fragrance

Of this our human race tree

For I believe

Within our mighty garden

It is our duty to create our own heavens within

our environment

Our community

Our society

We all have ethics

And love is to the core of ethics

For My faith holds in high esteem the love and peace it hopes therein of SHALLOM

Yet all faiths Buddhism Hinduism Rastafarian tribes of Judaism

Native American teachings

All allegorical

ancient Incas

ancient Egyptians

The Middle East

The ancient orient and Chinese allegorical myths and folklore

ancient byzantians

Ancient Greeks

Ancient Islam

We are all branches of the same tree

If we visit farther back

All that separates us are the shades of our leaves

For we are

all equal

When we

push aside

all the labels

we gravitate too

Money aside

What virtues to we hold

for this is what matters only.

We each have


Paths of heritage heartaches

This soul hears each

Do you?

Their cries

Will we ever learn?

We each are brothers and sisters of the soul family

And we cross over

Many paths of decent

All branches of one tree

The human soul tree

Our race in our

housed garden

globed dome

All are we each are

leaves in the same tree

Yet each branch houses

a different variety

of the same tree

tied to the trunk roots

up and beyond

‘As above

So below

As within

So without’

This human soul tree

Are derived

from the one motherland

The source in the beginning.

Our leaves

Evolving over time

Many a season

Over many a year

Over many a millennia

Emperors and Empressees

Kings and Queens












For Every 1,500 – 2,500

Pillars of history

Many a Messiah


A Healer

Raises their head

Throughout history

Every 1,500-2,500

shared years across

the housed garden globed dome

Shared across each faith

Hidden these facts lie

Yet our heritage it is

The lessons of the past can help

To enhance this modern day

Building a utopia of equality

Is my idea of heaven on earth

Yet how to help create

Kindness to the self ever daily

While ever kind to the stranger

meet of our family human soul tree

For this life is hard

when it gives knocks

To embrace Equality

Why can’t we

Celebrate Our Diversity

In Our Multicultural Society

All cultures side by side

So vibrant we all shine

Together side by side

Celebrating each

faiths festivals


God bless you

Salaam Alykum


To greet each other

Or smiling through the face masks

for the eyes never lie

For all of us as different varies of leaves different

Yet similar

together as one

Dichotomies within




For we are but Neighbours

I believe


elevates All

My sisters and brothers

in each of our present environment

Where All are welcome

Our faiths all share

in unison

One Common Theme




For this

Unites bounds

& binds us all together

Where we respect

each other’s faiths

Yet different names

we call the higher

matters nawt’

Collectively unified

by the ethics of love

our hearts

collective ethics.

Within each of our heritages of the multi varietied human soul family tree

Love can be held by binding together.

© MEJ 14-Apr-2021

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