Our Clans by MEJ

The dark abyss

The darker moment

The closer we rise

To the cusp of dawn

A lowly bird song

A melody to sing

To awaken the call


What gratifying gratitude

to hear such

A benevolent melody

For this is

your song

Our song.

Hiding our pains

To now let them free.

To dance now

in glee

At our liberty

from their weight.

With this benevolent


Our choral melodies unite;

with the sunrise of each new day.

A pitch so perfect

A tone so perfect

A chime so perfect

Our melodies wake us.


The elders of the trees

The elders of the skies

The elders of the

blood stained soil of old.

With The elders of

the rivers

that meander

back to the seas.

The fairies arise

from their slumber.

The folklore





Through the pauses

between the breeze.

The myths Lined

with gold pockets of truth.

We hear

We feel;

To know.


This stilled

breezed breath


The pause

Of this breathed flow.

Our ancestral lines merge.

bards of old

awaken within us.

To synthesise

To synchronise

To synergise

Between each of our clans.

© written in 2020 edited in 06/2021 MEJ

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