Lost Members of old!

Within Our worded, spoken memories, of My lost members; for my all members live on through the discourse, & choruses, of laughter within such spoken memories to trace, To keep them with us, here to keep us safe for us to keep them with us too. I will always love … Continue Reading Lost Members of old!

Shadowed Secrets!

The keeper of shadowed secrets of all pasts, within my past, within all your walls, at all of your hands. For such ills faced has now spun my allured armour’d shield that illuminates you all. For those powers of force, shows how this is your susceptibility of your own insecured … Continue Reading Shadowed Secrets!

My Looking Glass

I sought to find In the looking glass me I sought to find a hidden message in the looking glass Within this looking glass it uncovers the answers I sought For I am shown a message within the looking glass It is from me in the looking glass that the … Continue Reading My Looking Glass