The Heart 💕

The heart 💖 is a muscle so I’m told Yet to me this muscle is so much more! For no scientist has unlocked the true energy power source it holds within. For me this is where my soul lays For me this is where my spirit lays For me this … Continue Reading The Heart 💕


Tragedies Made me who I am now They all tested my strength They all tested my resilience They all knocked me down But I arose higher But I arose stronger But I arose determined But I arose to be awoken My tragedies made me a better person They made me … Continue Reading Tragedies?

Shadowed Secrets!

The keeper of shadowed secrets of all pasts, within my past, within all your walls, at all of your hands. For such ills faced has now spun my allured armour’d shield that illuminates you all. For those powers of force, shows how this is your susceptibility of your own insecured … Continue Reading Shadowed Secrets!

My illness and I

We drove each other to despair didn’t we hey… And yet here I sit in a different seated position Reflecting over all in a different way from another line of sight that time has given me and luckily afforded me this is a gift that’s since come forth… The seed … Continue Reading My illness and I

I set Myself free!

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A better best me?

As I sit & ponder, And consider, the right course, the right choice, Was it the best way for me? Welcome to the over – analytical mind of thought’d thoughts So Standing through the looking glass A self – reflection in reverse Stands having corrected itself? Im promoting self – … Continue Reading A better best me?