Lesvos Evening by Helen

Lesvos Evening balcony trembles over lemon trees a shawl of frankincense pulled from the ocean liminal breathing citrus-scented evening naked skin a silk embrace the hot touch of a moonless, star-coded night Aphrodite calls these feet to walk the cypress courtyard pulsing heart-born rhythms knees to earth face to the … Continue Reading Lesvos Evening by Helen

Presenting…Chilling by D.D.

Chilling, isn’t it just chillingHow the summer sun can freeze you When the soul is unwilling.Frightening, isn’t it just frightening How a hot summers dayCan change to thunder and lightening. CHILLINGControlling, isn’t it controlling When you’re out of your depth And the waves keep on rolling.Controlling, frightening and utterly chilling … Continue Reading Presenting…Chilling by D.D.