Linguistic linguists’

Toneal worded pitched responses. Within every accent throughout the globe. For all accents are equal yet diverse within this glorious planet. For each carries equal power or does it? Within this modern day society. Harmonised truthed chords true harmony vs heavy dischords within their discoursed so say melody. Yet some … Continue Reading Linguistic linguists’

What smiles Hide

Broken etched smiles I lost, The secret smile I gave to you. No smile thereafter, I could muster. The broken smile no longer. No More. Lost. Now, an effortless smile of expression inwardly fills me With Joy and Glee. So I outwardly express this now: With no price to pay … Continue Reading What smiles Hide

Forgive Me!?

You appeared to me so pure of heart back then, a pure soul friend, your face etched in my minds eye. Same diagnosis we shared. Yet the stranger on the street of New Street hit home to me, your reality of fate. I watched all standing round in one mass … Continue Reading Forgive Me!?

Nature’s Song

The echoing beats of my heart In our land out – stretched Before the arches and tip toed toes of my feet. I feel the resonances beat. I feel the rhythm of my ancestors land. This land holds and harnesses the silent inner beat, that captivates my heart. Then encased … Continue Reading Nature’s Song

Our Nations Hero’s

Everyday I drove past, The Museum where they remember you, On the Watton. EVERYDAY my mind forgot to pay homeage…. To our nations Hero’s in the Museum where they remember you. Though for today my soul hears Though for today my soul sees And for today my soul offers great … Continue Reading Our Nations Hero’s