Longevity of memori’d lost time frames, for you, mum and I all linked by the 11’s (one is hidden) all running along the maternal line within, our connections, the tri’d generations remain through the life changes that happen along the way. This encases is all. Our three generations protecting all … Continue Reading Magic

Roots United

Our family loved forestry of our united clanned varietied tree leaders and saplings running through us all banded together by our roots united and harnessed as one from our loved forested trees of love pulsing through connecting us together in our stronghold for we are clans of many banded bonded … Continue Reading Roots United

My lost Patriarch!

In your honour I write this to you, for you were & are my hero, your entity is kept safe in our hearts…. All is for you. The apple of your eye, for you were mine to Bri. Your love steadfast, unconditional and consistent, Our voice of reason to us … Continue Reading My lost Patriarch!

A Melodied Society

Within our modern day structure,So many words for the higher. Others hold a respect for humanity as individuals &, as a mass collective. For all Within this all a knowing that uncompassionate respectful love exists between person to person, neighbour to neighbour, stranger to stranger. Denominations to stand now side … Continue Reading A Melodied Society

Our White Wolf Prince

As the lack lustre greyed rainy yesterday dissipates from my mind, for your new aunt learned of your arrival. For on this forth day of this new month, our gift was born into the autumnal sunshine of this new and great day. For this is our mutli-heritaged White Wolf Prince … Continue Reading Our White Wolf Prince

Stop UK Hunger!

Within Our Manufactured Modern Westernised Society, UK Hunger Thrives. For most this is a symptom within their criseed sphered reality. Collections of hostility to this fact, have been met within every sphere of society, inclusive of those housed within the commoned chambers that houses our nations leaders of governance acting … Continue Reading Stop UK Hunger!